After I had driven the car I noticed that everything in it seemed to be very soft, from the suspension to the shifter. Steph noticed this as well and I offered to get her some shifter bushings from Turn in Concepts. Since she has ultimate veto power over any mods I put on the car, she wants to know what each part does. In the end, she can tell me what I can and can’t do to the car.

I proceeded to explain what shifter bushings were and how they work. After a quick discussion she then allowed me to purchase them and have them installed. After they were ordered we went up to All Aspects to have them installed because I am lazy. After the install Steph said it was definitely less squishy and she was happy and thats what was important.


Steph’s Forester was purchased on April 14th, 2007. The day she had been saving for had finally arrived. We traveled from our home in Chesapeake, VA to Anapolis, MD to pick this car up. She was estatic and was excited to get a new car. Before she had even signed the papers for her car, George and I had already started modding it. It hadn’t left the showroom floor and it already had some sweet SPT goodies on it.

The New Forester SPT Goodies Carbon Fiber Egg

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