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Steph just had a birthday recently and for her birthday she got some sweet hood dampers. She had been wanting them for a while but I didn’t know which one to get. I one day just broke down and asked her if she could have hood struts which would she want. She thought about it and asked if the Teins come in any other color other than green. I said no just green. She also said she didn’t want to get any that required her to drill and rivet her hood. She settled on some carbon fiber ones because they would go with her “scheme.” I just looked confused and thought to myself, “Scheme?”

So last week I set out to order her present so I hit up and checked out the vendor PRE Racing ( They came a couple days past her special day but that is ok. They sent it out a day later than they planned which in turn became the difference between a Friday delivery date and a Monday delivery date. Nothing that caused any drama but I think I would order from them again again. The price on their page isn’t the price they offered to the Forester Community. To get that price you have to PM them.

Monday night when she came home from classes, I found myself outside installing them. I was kind of excited to put them on since they arrived late (to me). Steph helped out by holding the flashlight and holding up the hood while I turned some wrenches. They are really nice pieces and look GREAT. It makes me want to buy one or two more pieces of CF for under her hood.

img_2003.jpg img_2004.jpg


It has been a while since I have updated this site so my apologies to anyone who actually keeps up with this. It has been a steady flow of updates for Steph’s Forester since the new year but unfortunately no actual pics of the installs just pics of the finished product.

For Christmas she received her STi lip. They come standard on the 08 Sports models but not on the 07s and that was one thing that Steph really wanted ever since she laid her eyes on it. The install for the lip wasn’t that bad at all but having friends with a lift really made it super freakin easy. There was modification of one tiny little thing on the underside that took all of 2 seconds. Other than that, taking all the freaking clips out that were needed was the hardest part. I think it added a lot to the front end of the car and gave it just a touch of aggressivness.

STi Lip 1 STi Lip 2

Next up on the mod list was a SPT Shorty Air Intake. This was actually a spur of the moment purchase for her. I had been having some health issues and I woke Steph up at 2 in the morning for three weekends in a row to take me to the ER. Well I have never really been the flowers kinda guy so as a thank you I got her the Intake. I was at Perry Subaru picking up some parts for my car and was talking to Brad the parts guy (awesome guy) if they had any in stock. They did and he gave me the Subaru Club hook up and I gave the Intake to Steph as a “thank you” for just being there. The actual quality of the parts are insanely good and just looks like a pretty piece. Once it was on for about a week we had it dynoed. It came in at 198.9 hp/239.6 ftlbs tq which is a decent gain for just an intake. This really makes me want to get some EM for the car even more but that will have to wait.


Last but not least is Steph’s Valentines gift. It wasn’t quite roses but they were red. Some sweet Hella Horns! This is another thing that she has been wanting for a long ass time. The install for this didn’t seem that hard but then again I really didn’t do much of it. I pretty much removed 8 clips and helped take the WHOLE bumper skin off. I had a couple friends, Noah and Marc, who are handy with electronics do the wiring for me. They kinda took on the whole little project and it was done in about an hour and a half after starting. There was a video game and beer break in there somewhere as well. They wired in the horns and kept them in line with the stock horns (which were already loud) and mounted them in the center of the grill. Put the bumper skin back on and I think they look and sound great. Steph was pleased and got out of the car grinning ear to ear after she hit the horn. Lets just say you don’t want to be in front when she honks now.

Hella 1 Hella 2

This morning I get a call from Vern, from All Aspects Motorsports, asking me if Steph can swing by the shop after work to see if they can put an exhaust on her car. It ends up they did some work on a WRX and the owner didn’t want the exhaust that was on it so he let them keep it.

We get there and there is this exhaust just sitting on the dyno. They moved Steph’s Forester up on the lift and they started taking the axle back off. Vern fit it up and it looked like it had to be extended about 6-7 inches and have the flange rotated. It also had to be lowered about an inch. Vern got to work chopping up a stock WRX exhaust they had so that the stock Forester exhaust would be intact.  Vern had it fitted on there and then tacked it in place, then Kienan came and welded it all in place.  Once all is said and done Steph now has a little melon shooter on her car.

It actually sounds really nice and I think we might keep it.  It definitely has that ricer look but hey that saves us 350 bucks for an an axle back exhaust. Here are some crappy night shots of the exhaust and the extension they made for it. I will try and post some decent pics and possibly a video clip of it in the coming days.

The back end. the extension from the back

Today Kienan and Vern, of All Aspects Motorsports, were gracious enough to wait around for Steph to get off of work and bring Steph’s Forester in for a ride on the their dyno. Took some pics so here you go:

Getting Lifted It’s Kienan!

Backing her onto the dyno. It’s Vern!

All Strapped down!

Here is the video:

Here is the end result, the dyno plot:

The Results!

Kienan suggested possibly getting a tune for the car of some sort, possibly a utec delta to 1) Clean up that craptastic factory tune and 2) That way if we ever wanted to do anything to the car she would be ready.

At the same time that she had the shifter bushings installed the guys at the shop, Kienan and Vern, gave the Stephers a new car gift. A left over Blow Off Valve from an install they got from a customer. A GFB Stealth FX BOV! Steph got super excited as her car now goes *PSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH* Did I mention she was happy?

Steph’s Forester was purchased on April 14th, 2007. The day she had been saving for had finally arrived. We traveled from our home in Chesapeake, VA to Anapolis, MD to pick this car up. She was estatic and was excited to get a new car. Before she had even signed the papers for her car, George and I had already started modding it. It hadn’t left the showroom floor and it already had some sweet SPT goodies on it.

The New Forester SPT Goodies Carbon Fiber Egg

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