Steph just had a birthday recently and for her birthday she got some sweet hood dampers. She had been wanting them for a while but I didn’t know which one to get. I one day just broke down and asked her if she could have hood struts which would she want. She thought about it and asked if the Teins come in any other color other than green. I said no just green. She also said she didn’t want to get any that required her to drill and rivet her hood. She settled on some carbon fiber ones because they would go with her “scheme.” I just looked confused and thought to myself, “Scheme?”

So last week I set out to order her present so I hit up and checked out the vendor PRE Racing ( They came a couple days past her special day but that is ok. They sent it out a day later than they planned which in turn became the difference between a Friday delivery date and a Monday delivery date. Nothing that caused any drama but I think I would order from them again again. The price on their page isn’t the price they offered to the Forester Community. To get that price you have to PM them.

Monday night when she came home from classes, I found myself outside installing them. I was kind of excited to put them on since they arrived late (to me). Steph helped out by holding the flashlight and holding up the hood while I turned some wrenches. They are really nice pieces and look GREAT. It makes me want to buy one or two more pieces of CF for under her hood.

img_2003.jpg img_2004.jpg