It was time for some regular maintenance on both my WRX and Steph’s Forester so we took the cars to All Aspects Motorsports to have them do the work. We really don’t have the room at our town house to do the work and hanging out with the guys there is always fun. While the car was on the lift I asked Vern if he could change out the bushing. It was a ginormous pain in the ass and Vern cut his arm all up on the exhaust shielding but it was eventually removed.

I really should have gotten some pictures of the two bushings out of the car for a comparison but there were slight differences in the two. In the end it got rid of the annoying NVH without sacrificing any of the stiffness in the shifter. It seems the main stiffening bushing is the front one. The car shifts so nice now and has no odd noises whatsoever.

Thanks again to the fellas at All Aspects!