This morning I get a call from Vern, from All Aspects Motorsports, asking me if Steph can swing by the shop after work to see if they can put an exhaust on her car. It ends up they did some work on a WRX and the owner didn’t want the exhaust that was on it so he let them keep it.

We get there and there is this exhaust just sitting on the dyno. They moved Steph’s Forester up on the lift and they started taking the axle back off. Vern fit it up and it looked like it had to be extended about 6-7 inches and have the flange rotated. It also had to be lowered about an inch. Vern got to work chopping up a stock WRX exhaust they had so that the stock Forester exhaust would be intact.  Vern had it fitted on there and then tacked it in place, then Kienan came and welded it all in place.  Once all is said and done Steph now has a little melon shooter on her car.

It actually sounds really nice and I think we might keep it.  It definitely has that ricer look but hey that saves us 350 bucks for an an axle back exhaust. Here are some crappy night shots of the exhaust and the extension they made for it. I will try and post some decent pics and possibly a video clip of it in the coming days.

The back end. the extension from the back