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It was time for some regular maintenance on both my WRX and Steph’s Forester so we took the cars to All Aspects Motorsports to have them do the work. We really don’t have the room at our town house to do the work and hanging out with the guys there is always fun. While the car was on the lift I asked Vern if he could change out the bushing. It was a ginormous pain in the ass and Vern cut his arm all up on the exhaust shielding but it was eventually removed.

I really should have gotten some pictures of the two bushings out of the car for a comparison but there were slight differences in the two. In the end it got rid of the annoying NVH without sacrificing any of the stiffness in the shifter. It seems the main stiffening bushing is the front one. The car shifts so nice now and has no odd noises whatsoever.

Thanks again to the fellas at All Aspects!


This morning I get a call from Vern, from All Aspects Motorsports, asking me if Steph can swing by the shop after work to see if they can put an exhaust on her car. It ends up they did some work on a WRX and the owner didn’t want the exhaust that was on it so he let them keep it.

We get there and there is this exhaust just sitting on the dyno. They moved Steph’s Forester up on the lift and they started taking the axle back off. Vern fit it up and it looked like it had to be extended about 6-7 inches and have the flange rotated. It also had to be lowered about an inch. Vern got to work chopping up a stock WRX exhaust they had so that the stock Forester exhaust would be intact.  Vern had it fitted on there and then tacked it in place, then Kienan came and welded it all in place.  Once all is said and done Steph now has a little melon shooter on her car.

It actually sounds really nice and I think we might keep it.  It definitely has that ricer look but hey that saves us 350 bucks for an an axle back exhaust. Here are some crappy night shots of the exhaust and the extension they made for it. I will try and post some decent pics and possibly a video clip of it in the coming days.

The back end. the extension from the back

I decided to order a new rear shifter bushing for Steph’s Forester. I found out that the current Kartboy bushings that “Fits All Manual Subarus” doesn’t fit the 06-07 FXT. I found this out via in a thread where Tom @ Kartboy suggested not installing it:

Ever since we had the bushings installed Steph would get some NVH which sounded like it was coming from the rear shifter assembly. When I called the dealership to order a new one it the parts guy informed me that there is a different part number for the 04-05 and for the 06-07s

I have always suspected that something was wrong but didn’t know until I read the above mentioned thread. I figured I would replace it with a stock one. Unfortunately I don’t know where the stock one ended up as it is was installed at a shop. I pick up the part this Thursday and will update when I get around to installing it. I hope it gets rid of the noise…

A couple weeks ago I managed to get my hands on a Kartboy Shifter ( for the Forester. I initially tried to install the shifer and it wouldn’t fit. After doing some research and getting in a discussion on, I found out that I had to cut part of Steph’s Forester to get the part to work. At that point this install was not a simple bolt in part but a universal part and required some “finessing” to get it to fit.

I understood that WRX guys have been cutting the shifter surround on their cars for years to get the shifters to fit on their cars but all the research I have done for the Forester never stated it. On the Kartboy site they pointed to the WRX install instructions for the five speed shifters on The problem with this is that there is a WRX install and a Forester install on that site and in my head why make two different instructions if there is no difference in installing the part.

I discussed this with Steph and she wanted to go ahead with the install anyway. Thats all I need to hear.

Right off the back make sure you understand that the way you get the shifter out is different than previous years (before 06+). Here are the directions I used to get the shifter “basket” out:

Here is the knob being removed. For a stock knob just pop the boot off the collar under the knob and unscrew it off:

Shifter Knob Removed

To remove the center console lift from the back of the shifter and pull up gently and the top will come off. Once it comes off just un-clip the cigarette lighter and auxiliary sound clips.

Lifting The Consule Part 1 Lifting The Consule Part 2 Lifting The Consule Part 3 Unclipping the Plugs

Once that is done you are looking at the underside of the shifter. You will see a rubber boot covering the shifter and 4 plastic screw clips. The screw clips are obviously screwed off. The thing is that I never really got them to screw off so I just twisted them to the top and yanked them off. Once they were off I took the rubber boot off and underneath you will see a foam piece. You won’t see that in any of my pictures as I took it off prior when I was assessing what I had to do, I just pulled it out.

The Underside The White Screws The Rubber Boot The Metal Plate

Once all that is removed you can remove the bolt from the shifter fork with two 12mm wrenches. This makes it easier to remove the four 10mm bolts that hold the shift plate down. Once those bolts are removed you can pull the shift plate out. There are two rubber nipples in the direct center of the top and bottom that you need to just push out but that is it.

Taking Bolts Out Unbolted The Rubber Nipples

The reason you need to take the shifter plate out is because of the upper left corner of it. It has that angle in it that doesn’t allow the fork to shift into 1st, 3rd, and 5th gear so it has to be cut out. I marked it in the following pictures. I went at it with dremel from the backside so I could keep the screw mount.

Topside Underside img_1542.jpg

After that was done I put it back in for a test fit and found that the screw mount was a little to close for comofort for me. I didn’t want that to be an issue so I shaved off the edges and and put it back in. The test fit picture is of the shifter in 3rd, the next is after the tab was shaved and the shifter is in 1st gear.

Test Fit Shaved

Once all that is done just put it all back together (you can mess with the foam piece if you want I chose not to).

Steph took it for a test drive and noticed the difference immediately and said that she would have to get used to the short shifts. It has increased the NVH but I have a theory about that having to do with the rear shifter bushing. The rear shifter bushing raises the back end a bit. I am going to be taking that out sometime in the next couple weeks to see if if that changes that some. Steph says she has grown used to the noise but it bothers the crap out of me.

Thats it for now.

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