I got involved in a group buy for some Forester Swift Springs and we recieved them a couple weeks back. Today the weather wasn’t as hot as it had been so we planned to swap the springs in Steph’s Forester on our own. The install went smoothly and the only trouble we had was installing the STi Aluminum Lateral Links. I really have to give lots of thanks to all those that helped out: Jim, Sean, Noah and Shithead. Even Steph got in there and turned the wrench a couple times. It took her a minute to figure out how to use a socket wrench but she eventually got it ūüėČ

Here are some pics (Before then After):

Before Springs Installed Picture 1 After Springs Installed Picture 1

Before Springs Installed Picture 2 After Springs Installed Picture 2

Before Springs Installed Picture 3 After Springs Installed Picture 3

Here is a close up look of the new aluminum lateral links:

Lateral Link 1 Lateral Link 2